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Site Criteria

The criteria involved in seeking suitable sites can be looked at on two levels. For companies looking to develop the Chicken Base brand as a multiple unit operator a sound understanding of the catering and retail trade will be assumed and with it a knowledge of the retail property market. This kind of operator may be looking to either convert an existing chain of outlets, add a further brand to their business, or to maximize the potential of existing sites within shopping centres, service stations, airports and the like.

Owner Operator Franchised Site Guidelines

Chicken Base units can be from 750 square feet upwards. They are usually secondary location shops, with car access, trading seven days a week, with A3/A5 catering use. Corner locations on busy roads with signage on both sides are preferred. Availability of parking is important, but not essential. The units should be close to pubs and
clubs, schools universities and high density residential populations. The responsibility of finding suitable sites falls to individual franchisees, although advice will be provided, and ultimate authorization is required from Chicken Base.

Existing Fast Food Operators

Existing fish and chips or other fast food operators may well be interested in converting their current premises to a Chicken Base unit, and special rates will apply in these circumstances. Where we have previously carried out these conversions sales increases of over 100% have been achieved. All the major Chicken Base equipment is designed in the USA, but with the British standard seal of approval.


The use of the best equipment in the cooking and display of food is of paramount importance to the success of Chicken Base. High quality equipment enhances the quality of the final product served to our customers, it assists sales by means of good displays of hot food served at the correct temperature, and it helps to control costs. The use of tried and tested high quality equipment in Chicken Base shops bring enormous gains, and it is for this reason that no compromise on standards in this area will be allowed by the franchisor. The franchisee or license holder is responsible for the purchase of the equipment and its maintenance. The need for replacement of equipment is at all times the decision of the franchisor. The worldwide branding and design of Chicken Base shops is used by franchisees to provide a high standard of shop fitting and image. The Chicken Base logo and brand colors are used on shop fronts, menu boards, packaging and counters, as well as on uniforms and promotional materials. The final interior décor is agreed between the franchisee and the franchisor, and is at the cost of the franchisee.


[testimonial]Chickenbase is a fantastic brand and it’s fun to be involved with…!
What drives me is continuing to grow the business – taking this opportunity,
really runing with it and making it as big as I possibly can. Chicken Base Owners
are great People to work with. Chicken Base brand and it’s supporting team, I
know I am going to continue to have great success[client_name]Iftikhar Hussain /Franchisee[/client_name][/testimonial]
[testimonial]Pretty impressed with the sales i had from my new Chicken Base Franchise. I have been bit skeptical initially as Chicken Base is not a big brand but i am confident now that i made a good decision.[client_name]Adil Awan /Franchisee[/client_name][/testimonial]
[testimonial]Food arrived hot, drinks cold. Really nice delivery man. Delicious pizza as
always from this place[client_name]Emma /a customer[/client_name][/testimonial]
[testimonial]Forget the big brands; Chicken Base beats them all on quality and value for
money.[client_name]Charlie /a customer[/client_name][/testimonial]


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