Set UP Costs


Chicken Base franchise set up costs

Franchise Option Fee – Chicken Base currently charges £10,000 as an initial fee. A further £10,000 will be payable on opening each franchise unit within the franchise territory.
Ongoing Royalty – Chicken Base charges an ongoing royalty payable monthly. The royalty is a fixed fee, not a percentage, agreed between franchisor and franchisee for the term of the licensing agreement, and it is dependent on shop size and location.
Equipment and Shop fitting Costs – The investment required to set up and launch your first Chicken Base can range from between £105,000 and £125,000.
The table below sets out the estimated costs involved in opening a take-away Chicken Base shop.
The figures provided are for illustrative purposes only.

Item Cost
Option fee £20,000
Shop fitting £25,000+
Equipment £45,000
Ventilation £12,000
Signs & display units £10,000+
Administration (legal & property) £3,000
Total £110,000
Additional cost of opening (promotion etc) £5,000
Contingency £5,000
Grand total £125000
Turnovers are not easily predicted as they will vary from site to site dependent on location. Gross margins after food and packaging costs are approximately 65%.


Franchisees are encouraged to spend up to 4% of their turnover on promotional and advertising
activated within their territory in order to help their business succeed. The company will provide
franchisees with tried and tested ideas using the Chicken Base brand and logos, which must be
respected on all materials. As part of the recent marketing activity aimed at developing the brand,
plans are in place to set up advertising co-operative in the near future


[testimonial]Chickenbase is a fantastic brand and it’s fun to be involved with…!
What drives me is continuing to grow the business – taking this opportunity,
really runing with it and making it as big as I possibly can. Chicken Base Owners
are great People to work with. Chicken Base brand and it’s supporting team, I
know I am going to continue to have great success[client_name]Iftikhar Hussain /Franchisee[/client_name][/testimonial]
[testimonial]Pretty impressed with the sales i had from my new Chicken Base Franchise. I have been bit skeptical initially as Chicken Base is not a big brand but i am confident now that i made a good decision.[client_name]Adil Awan /Franchisee[/client_name][/testimonial]
[testimonial]Food arrived hot, drinks cold. Really nice delivery man. Delicious pizza as
always from this place[client_name]Emma /a customer[/client_name][/testimonial]
[testimonial]Forget the big brands; Chicken Base beats them all on quality and value for
money.[client_name]Charlie /a customer[/client_name][/testimonial]


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