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[frame style=”modern” image_path=”http://www.chickenbase.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/super_deal.png” link_to_page=”” target=”” description=”” size=”four_col_large”]
Super Deal
Super Pizza 3 Toppings, 4 Pcs Chc, 4 Hot Wings, Reg Chips & 1.5l Coke


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Big Deal
4 Pcs Chicken, 4 Hot Wings and Reg Chips


[frame style=”modern” image_path=”http://www.chickenbase.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/variety_deal.png” link_to_page=”” target=”” description=”” size=”four_col_large”]
Variety Deal
2 Pcs Chicken, 3 Hot Wings and Reg Chips


[frame style=”modern” image_path=”http://www.chickenbase.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/hot_wings_deal.png” link_to_page=”” target=”” description=”” size=”four_col_large”]
Hot Wings Offer
12 Hot Wings and fresh potato Regular Chips




[testimonial]Nice pizza, relatively quick delivery – good pricing and good ´deal offer´[client_name]Adam from Reading, 21/02/2011 – 18:27[/client_name][/testimonial]

[testimonial]Just ridiculously good service. Pizza was good too![client_name]Mark from Reading, 10/03/2011 – 17:17[/client_name][/testimonial]

[testimonial]Food arrived hot, drinks cold. Really nice delivery man. Delicious pizza as always from this place[client_name]Emma from Reading, 10/03/2011 – 19:02[/client_name][/testimonial]

[testimonial]Brilliant Pizza and excellent service![client_name]Arif from Reading, 26/03/2011 – 02:38[/client_name][/testimonial]

[testimonial]My favorite of all Take-Aways. Outstanding service, delicious food and its actually open late enough for those of us who finish work at night and arrive home hungry.[client_name]Darren from Reading, 22/06/2011 – 22:55[/client_name][/testimonial]

[testimonial]Forget the big brands, Chicken Base beats em all on quality and value for money.[client_name]Charlie from Reading, 07/07/2011 – 21:40[/client_name][/testimonial]


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