Chicken Base Menu

At Chicken Base the menu has been developed to offer a wide variety of freshly cooked meals and individual items for takeaway and restaurant  consumption. Chicken Base’s reputation for excellence has been due to the continued high quality of the following core products:

Pizza – at chicken base our pizza is prepared in freshly made dough with our own secret recipe and is the fastest growing item in our menu. Every single pizza is cooked freshly to order. Most of the toppings on Chicken Base pizzas are made with our own secret recipes using high quality ingredients only.

Masala fish – at Chicken Base we take great pride in our very own spicy cod fish which is cooked freshly to order using our own desi style ( indigenous) recipe without batter served with the sauce and salad of customer’s own choice.

Fish – fish is cooked to order covered in a secret Chicken Base batter. Obviously one of the original products, and a true favorite with Chicken Base regulars.

Chicken – Chicken Base Chicken is coated in a specially devised crispy seasoned coating second to none. The combination of species and flours, and the excellent method of high pressure cooking using high tech frying equipment results in truly unbeatable chicken products. Chicken Base spicy chicken is also a great favorite, in wings, strips and chicken wraps.

Chips – Chicken Base prides itself on the traditional freshly cooked chips that it serves throughout the chain.

To complement these three main Chicken Base menu items additional products include fish cakes, coleslaw, beans, peas, curry sauce, desserts and a variety of the usual cold drinks.

The Chicken Base menu also offers easy order set-price meals, which are very successful Chicken Base menu items.

The menu is geared to attract young take-away single people, families looking for take home meal replacements, children of all ages, and our older generation who are looking for the high quality food they have enjoyed for years.

Chicken Base is the first and only HMC Certified Halal outlet in south east region of the UK, which gives the guarantee of 100% halal products.

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